Black Wedding is:
Joshua Heinrich - All instruments and vocals
Julie Johnson - Lyrics
Black Wedding formed in 2004 as a collaboration between musician Joshua Heinrich, best known for his solo work under the name fornever, and music journalist and editor Julie Johnson, who currently runs Grave Concerns E-zine. The two previously collaborated together in the underground alternative band Orangabelle 5, releasing two albums and two EPs before dissolving the band in 2002 after the release of their second full-length album, FUSE. Beginning as an on-again-off-again side project, the band spent time writing and demoing material that would eventually make up part of their debut album, including an early version of their debut single, "control". After beginning writing and recording for the album in earnest, however, the band went on an extended hiatus due to Heinrich's commitments with fornever and other projects as well as Johnson's schedule and commitments with Grave Concerns.

In 2010, the band reconvened, revisited the material recorded during the previous sessions, and shortly thereafter continued recording and writing new material. Their debut EP, Control, was released in March 2011, with their long-awaited 10-song eponymous album following in May 2011 on Autumnal Release Records.

In 2013, after a two year hiatus, the band returned with a new single, "catch my fall" (released on CD/mp3 in July 2013), and announced plans to continue recording and releasing material, with no set schedule, in the form of one-off singles and compilation tracks.

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