Originally formed in 1995 by sole songwriter, vocalist, and core studio musician/producer Joshua Heinrich, fornever's genre-bending, ever-evolving-yet-uniquely-identifiable sound is the product of relentless reinvention. From the moody, stark, 17 Seconds-meets-Pornography-era Cure-esque vibe of 1999's Pale to the acclaimed diverse alt rock of 2005's ghosthouse and the signature indie rock/shoegazer/dream pop/electro hybrid of the band's output in the later half of that decade, fornever's sound is a blend of innate pop sensibilities, sonic experimentation, and a penchant for melancholia. Combined with intelligent lyrics, running the gamut from introspection to witty social/political sarcasm, fornever's work has found a home among an ever-growing international fanbase, repeatedly earning critical acclaim as well as literally dozens of high-charting singles on a number of high-profile internet music sites (including numerous stints at the top of mp3.com's coveted genre charts during the site's heyday).

Following 2011's guitar-heavy indie/post-punk album ((echo)), and a number of side project diversions, fornever returned to the studio and moved in a more electronic direction, beginning work on around 40 new songs that were released from 2013-2014 across two albums and an EP. In 2015, the band celebrated its 20th anniversary with the release of two new albums, two EPs, a "best of" compilation covering fornever's second decade, and a youtube series highlighting rare, out of print, and early fornever material. This was followed in 2016 and 2017 by a series of new singles and a resulting album planned for late summer 2017.

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