Last updated: 12/1/17

12/1/17: Come On! single out today! The 3-track single is available from most major digital music retailers and streaming services, or you can get it on CD here:

11/27/17: Free lights EP for Cyber Monday + Listen to the new single!

As part of Silber Records' Cyber Monday sale, various releases including the 2015 fornever holiday EP, lights, are free for a limited time. Get it here:

Also, here's the new single, due out Friday in CD and digital formats with two b-sides!

11/22/17: The sixth and final single in the 2016/2017 fornever singles series, come on!, is officially out December 1st! The single is backed by the b-sides "give and take" and "balloons" and will be available in CD and digital formats. You can find a sampler of all three tracks here:

Digital preorder links:
Google Play

11/15/17: Currently getting the new single, the final in the 2016/2017 singles series, ready for a December release. Video in motion. Singles series compilation album with additional material (and possibly a few alternate mixes) planned for the first quarter of 2018. New music and more info in the coming days.

9/15/17: Fear not. Things are moving behind the scenes, just slightly slower than anticipated. Recording and writing is happening. Artwork is being worked on. The new single and promised 2016/2017 singles series compilation album are being formulated. More to come.

6/24/17: Huge CD sale! Almost all albums under $2!
While waiting for the next single to drop, you can fill up your back catalog at some of the lowest prices ever in our label's 2017 summer sale. For a limited time, almost every fornever album and single, from recent releases to legacy reissues, is on sale for under $2 on CD only! With streaming and digital music leading to dwindling physical sales, here's your chance to show your support for physical media while getting the albums far cheaper than even the digital versions!
Shop here:

4/29/17: The new single, "the line was already drawn", is out today! The single, backed by the b-sides "call to legs" and "red lines", is available from most major digital music stores and streaming services (Here's the Spotify link: or on CD here:

4/9/17: Sorry about the lack of updates so far this year. Things have been a bit hectic and moving a little more slowly than usual, but the next single in the fornever singles series, "the line was already drawn", should be out later this month. You can listen to it here:

The single is backed by the b-sides "call to legs" and "red lines". After that, a final sixth single is planned in the series, to be followed by a full length album (currently looking like a mid-late summer release) compiling all the tracks from the series with additional material. So, yes, more new music on the way for 2017!

12/16/16: "nothing is zero" came in at #27 on Tomatrax's Top 100 Songs of 2016 list!

12/11/16: Review of the "nothing is zero" single on Tomatrax! "...a brilliant single and two strong b-sides backing it up."

11/28/16: Cyber Monday sale at Autumnal Release Records! For a limited time, get fornever, Black Wedding, and premature burial CDs for up to 50% off!

11/17/16: New interview with Tomatrax:

8/25/16: The next single in fornever's 2016 singles series is a slice of lo-fi post-punk called "nothing is zero", out September 2nd on CD and digital and backed by the b-sides "go" and "redial". Listen to "nothing is zero" here:

8/6/16: Good news for those of you who have been looking to get your hands on a copy of one of fornever's most popular b-sides of all time, 2001's "to the edge of the world"! A special 2-track, digital-only version of the long-out-of-print "makeup breakup" single, remastered from the original multitrack recordings, is off to stores and should be showing up as a budget title in your favorite online music stores and streaming services over the next week.

1. Makeup Breakup
2. To the Edge of the World

6/10/16: The "permeate" single is out today! The single, backed by the b-sides "break it" and "sunday", is available from most major digital music stores and streaming services (Here's the Spotify link: or on CD here:

5/28/16: Here's the new single, "permeate", out on CD and digital June 10th (backed by the b-sides "break it" and "sunday")!

4/13/16: The next single in the 2016 fornever single series, "fictional romance", is out Friday, April 15th! The single is backed by the b-sides "the only home i've known" and "refugee" and should be available from most major digital retailers and streaming services Friday, or you can order the CD now here:

2/22/16: Two new releases out now!

The new 3-track single, "the heart fills a void (as a void fills the heart)" is out now on CD and digital! It's available from most major digital music retailers and streaming services or on CD here:

Also out now is a reissue of the summer EP, originally released in June 2002 and in print again as a standalone title for the first time in over a decade! It should be available from most major digital music retailers and streaming services this week, or you can get it on CD now:

2/14/16: Here's the new single, "the heart fills a void (as a void fills the heart)", out on CD and digital February 19th!

The single is backed by the b-sides "bridge run" and "bridge run (extended beta mix)" and is the first in an announced series of planned singles/EPs for 2016, possibly resulting in a full-length compilation album at the end. You can preorder the digital version of the single on amazon here:

1/28/16: Hope everyone's having a great 2016 so far! Thanks to the labels, blogs, and radio stations that have been supporting fornever! The lights EP has been hitting the international airwaves. The song "breathe" by my other current band, Black Wedding, took 69th place on Tomatrax's "Top 100 Songs of 2015" ( The Make Some Noise compilation (, featuring "shout" by fornever, was just listed as one of the 10 most popular Silber Records releases of 2015. It's been a pretty exciting end to 2015 and beginning to 2016.

As for what's to come... The RETROspective youtube series is still going strong. For those that have been writing to me and/or the label(s) about the possibility of some kind of CD/digital compilation of some of these rarities or reissues of some of the older out-of-print/rare material, those things ARE being pondered and are a possibility. In fact, a reissue of the summer EP from the original masters is currently in progress for tentative release in the near future. I'm not sure what form any other compilations/reissues might take or when they might come out if they do materialize, but thanks to everyone for your interest, and it IS something that is being considered. For now, you can check out all 15 episodes in the youtube rarities series here:

I've also been in and out of the studio a bit over the last month doing a little writing and recording. Everything's still "in progress", and I'm not sure what form it will take (single(s)? EP?), but hopefully there will also be some brand new fornever material out there in the not too distant future.

12/14/15: You can download the official digital booklet for the lights EP here:

There's also a special bundle for sale directly through the label at that link with all 7 Silber Records 2015 holiday EPs for only $5.

12/12/15: The new fornever holiday EP, lights, is out now on Silber Records! Stream for free or buy it on sale for only $1 through the label's bandcamp page here:

The EP is also available from most major digital retailers and streaming services (or will be's still making its way to a few of the slower stores/services) if you'd prefer. An accompanying digital booklet should be available as a free download from the label's website ( later today.

Enjoy! Happy holidays!

11/4/15: The new fornever holiday EP is finished and off to the label. The EP features 3 previously released holiday singles/compilation tracks plus 3 new/previously unreleased tracks. It should be out on Silber Records in time for the holidays.

Episode 3 of fornever's RETROspective series on youtube is out now, as well, featuring the classic mid-90s fornever track "she's the fall". Be sure to subscribe to the fornever youtube channel at and check out the whole series here:

10/29/15: In celebration of fornever's 20th anniversary, a new youtube series titled RETROspective has been created. The RETROspective series will explore early fornever material, out of print tracks, and rarities. The first two episodes are available now, featuring the 2001 b-side "to the edge of the world" and the early fornever classic "sugar coated deities" (a fan favorite dating back to January 1996). Check them out here:
Episode 1:
Episode 2:

10/14/15: Following last month's forever: the best of fornever 2005-2015 album, fornever has been back in the studio working on a new holiday EP for Silber Records. Due out this holiday season, the EP will compile the 3 holiday singles and compilation tracks released since 2008's ornaments EP plus new/unreleased material.

9/4/15: forever: the best of fornever 2005-2015, is out today! The album compiles singles and favorites from the second decade of fornever's career, from 2005's ghosthouse through 2015's paths. It also includes the new single, "pressure".

Buy the physical CD here:

The album is available digitally from your favorite major digital music retailers and streaming services!

8/28/15: forever: the best of fornever 2005-2015 is off to distributors and officially out on CD/digital on September 4th!

8/10/15: Check out the fornever remix of M is We's "Sinking", titled "Sinking - Far Below Mix", out now on the Sinking remix EP from Silber Records.

8/4/15: The pressure single is out today! Backed by the b-side "rubber bands", "pressure" is the new single from the upcoming forever: the best of fornever 2005-2015 compilation. Get the single now from your favorite major digital retailer/streaming service or buy the CD here:

7/8/15: forever: the best of fornever 2005-2015 out later this summer! In celebration of fornever's 20th anniversary, we're happy to announce a compilation of singles and favorites from the second decade of fornever's career, spanning the shoegaze-tinged alt rock of 2005's ghosthouse through the instrumental album paths released this spring. Final production and mixing just wrapped up on a new single for the compilation, with tracklist/artwork finalization and mastering taking place now. More info to come...

5/5/15: The new instrumental album, paths, is officially out today! It's available digitally from over 100 major digital retailers and streaming services, or you can buy it on CD here:

5/1/15: New compilation track! Check out the new fornever track, "shout", on Silber Records' Make Some Noise compilation, out today! Stream for free or download here:

4/23/15: The new instrumental album, paths, is officially out May 5th! Here's the cover and tracklisting:

1. begin
2. sets fire
3. sleep wake run
4. longing
5. ouroboros
6. following shadows
7. embers
8. renewal
10. pull
11. what might have been
12. onandonandon
13. through
14. begin again

4/11/15: For anyone interested in older fornever videos, both a slightly remastered version of the original lo-fi 2008 promo video for "what the heart wants" and the the official music video for "paradigm" from 1999's Silver Smiles album (newly rescued from a 2000 VHS master) are now up on fornever's youtube channel. Check them out (and subscribe) here:

4/7/15: The new EP, three, is out today! You can find it on your favorite digital music stores and streaming services...or buy the CD here:!

3/31/15: "crown", the new single from the three EP, is out now! Check it out here:

3/29/15: New EP out April 7th, new video up!

The three EP is out April 7th on Autumnal Release Records, available on CD and from digital retailers. Here's the tracklisting:
1. snowblind
2. left to lose
3. crown

Also, check out a new video for "mary goes round" from the melt album, directed by JD Berry:

2/16/15: Josh's other current band, Black Wedding, has a new EP out on Silber Records. The EP, recursive, was recorded last year as part of Silber's 5in5 EP series (fornever's numbers EP from 2013 was also part of that series).

You can stream the EP for free and buy it directly from the label now at or you can check it out on your favorite streaming music service (Spotify, etc) or buy it from your favorite digital music store (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc). Enjoy!

2/6/15: New fornever 20th anniversary shirts/posters are available now! There are also new melt album shirts and shirts featuring the booklet image from The Guitarists compilation (from Silber Records/QRD magazine)!
Grab them at

Currently back in the studio working on the upcoming instrumental album, paths. Check out a preview here:

1/6/15: The new album, melt, is officially out today! Buy the physical CD here:

The album is available digitally from your favorite digital music stores (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play) and streaming services (Spotify, Rdio, Beats, and more)!

1/1/15: The new album, melt is out next Tuesday, January 6th! You can hear clips and preorder now from Amazon mp3 here:

Link to order the physical CD coming soon. The album will hit more digital stores (iTunes, Google Play, etc) and streaming services (Spotify, Rdio, Beats, etc) on or around the release date.

12/30/14: Hey everyone! The new album, melt, is officially slated for January 2015! Check out the new single, "water":

12/12/14: The 2008 fornever holiday ep, ornaments, has received wider digital distribution and should start showing up in your favorite mp3 stores and streaming music services over the next few days, just in time for the holidays! It's also still available on CD at

There was talk of doing an expanded digital edition with the 3 holiday singles released since then, but since all 3 are available for free download, I figured I'd leave things as they are and let you download and tack on the extra tracks yourselves if you want. So here are the links. Have at it :^)

fornever - "estrellita" (2009 - from Silber Records' 2009 Christmas compilation):

fornever - "joy" (2013 free holiday single)

fornever - "a million things" (2011 free holiday single)

Happy holidays! -Josh

11/24/14: New single and new physical reissues out today!

"doors", the new single from the upcoming new fornever album, melt, due out in 2015!

Also available now, the physical reissues of ghosthouse and Sex & Violets! Out just in time for black friday and on sale for only $3.95 each (plus s/h). Both CDs, like the recent digital reissues, are sourced from the original multitrack recordings. You can buy them and other fornever CDs here:

10/12/14: Reissues and new distribution! Autumnal Release Records is switching over to a new distribution deal, so the fornever (and side project) releases on Autumnal Release should start appearing in more major mp3 stores and music subscription services starting this week (and likely even more over the coming weeks). So excuse any hiccups (albums disappearing and reappearing in the digital music stores they're already amazon) as things switch over.

Also, the label is kicking off the new distribution with reissues of two classic fornever releases, 2000's Sex & Violets EP and 2005's ghosthouse album, both pulled from the original multitrack masters. Both should start to show up on digital stores and services (Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Beats, etc) in the next few days. Enjoy!

10/6/14: Video for "piano song" from heart paper scissors:

Thanks, Jonny!

8/13/14: Silber Records is having a sale right now that includes a few bundles you might be interested in...

-There's a $15 5 in 5 EP bundle that includes the fornever numbers EP.
-There's also a $30 "2014 So Far" bundle that includes QRD magazine's The Guitarist audio compilation and ebook (including my track "adrift" and an interview with me).

And, looking forward, you can buy a $10 subscription to upcoming releases in the 5 in 5 series, which includes the recursive EP by my other band, Black Wedding.

Catch the sale here:

7/25/14: You can now stream QRD magazine's The Guitarists compilation in full and buy individual tracks, including my track "adrift" (track 26), here:

It's also still available in the original bundle from Silber Records that includes the full album plus The Guitarists ebook (including an interview with me) for $20. You can get that here (and also find a link to read my interview for free in the original QRD issue it appeared in):

7/6/14: The two digital-only companion albums from the 2010 multi-part New Order tribute album Ceremony are now both available as physical CDs (the original physical pressings were promo-only). I have tracks on both ("Ceremony" on the 12 Versions of Ceremony album and "Angel Dust" on Ceremony: The Digital Album).

You can get them from the label here:

Also available from amazon, etc...

The tribute was an official charity project to benefit the Salford Foundation Trust's Tony Wilson Award.

You can also hear my cover of "Ceremony" here:

6/29/14: QRD magazine's The Guitarists audio compilation, including my track "adrift", is out now on Silber Records. The compilation is a companion to QRD's guitarist interview book, which includes an interview with me. The bundle includes both the audio compilation (with booklet) and the full ebook. Grab it here:


5/25/14: Another new release! watching the walls, a new non-album single, is out May 27th on Autumnal Release, backed by "watching the walls (analog instrumental mix)". You can order the CD version now for $1.95 (plus s/h) here:

Listen to "watching the walls" here:

1. watching the walls
2. watching the walls (analog instrumental mix)

(mp3 version coming soon to )

5/21/14: heart paper scissors is out now! Grab the CD version on sale for only $5.99 here:

The mp3 version (including audio clips) should be up on sometime this week (just taking a few extra days to sort everything and get it up live on the site).

Here are the two already-released singles from the album for you to check out in full:


5/15/14: The new album, heart paper scissors, is finally finished and out next Tuesday, May 20th, on Autumnal Release. The 17 song album features the singles "eliza" and "she breaks away". Here's the full tracklisting:
1. piano song
2. heart paper scissors
3. chain link fence
4. burning down a river
5. she breaks away
6. eliza
7. don't fade
8. still
9. song for her
10. worship
11. bleeding heart
12. shine
13. paper cup
14. cut it clean
15. glacier
16. ask
17. don't fade (reprise)

4/26/14: The huge QRD guitarist interview compilation, including an interview with Josh from 2012 that appeared in issue #55, is out now. You can buy it here:

The accompanying audio compilation, including the new non-album fornever track "adrift", is coming soon.

More news to come, including info on another compilation track and updates on the new albums... Stay tuned...

11/27/13: New free holiday single! The new song "joy" is available for free download now! Listen to it or download it now on soundcloud

10/22/13: fornever just contributed a new lo-fi ambient indie electronica cover of The Smashing Pumpkins' "Stumbleine" to a contest for charity. Voting starts next month, but you can hear the track now. Check it out here:

10/15/13: Sorry for the lack of updates here (for more frequent/recent updates, you can follow on twitter @fornevermusic or on facebook).

Anyway, the update... In addition to (or, maybe, in lieu of?) working on finally finishing up the last few tidbits on new album heart paper scissors, I've been in the studio working on a new set of songs for a second new album, melt, and also have a few side/compilation tracks in the works. So, there's a lot of new material in the fire that I'm working my way through slowly that should be out and in your hands at some point in the not-to-distant future.

But yes, without further ado, here's a new track from the second upcoming new album, melt:

Listen, enjoy, share the music, spread the word! -Josh

7/15/13: New Black Wedding single out tomorrow! "catch my fall", backed by the b-side "a room", is available for order on CD now and should be available in mp3 from soon!
Order the CD version from the Autumnal Release CD store on kunaki:

Black Wedding is a collaboration between fornever's Joshua Heinrich and lyricist Julie Johnson. "catch my fall" is the band's 3rd CD release, following their 2011 debut EP and full-length album.

6/9/13: Josh wrote an article about growing with your art for the new issue of QRD (issue #64). Read it here:

4/4/13: New EP, numbers, out today on Silber Records! Stream for free, download for $1! Listen/buy it here:

3/7/13: Review round-up. A few new reviews of soundtrack here:

As for the other releases... The new EP, numbers, is still on its way from Silber Records sometime in the coming months. The other new album, heart paper scissors, is still in progress and looking like a spring release.

1/27/13: Check out the second single from soundtrack here:

Also, Josh has a new short story in this week's issue of Schlock! (vol 4 issue 3), out today!
Read it here:
Buy the kindle version here:

1/25/13: The new album,soundtrack, is now available from amazon mp3, as well. Here's the link:

Also, Josh had a new flash fiction story, "Dress Up", published today. Read it here:

1/15/13: The new album, soundtrack, is out today! Get it here:
mp3 (plus audio clips):

More buying choices coming mp3, etc...

1/9/13: Happy New Year, everyone! Finished mixing the new instrumental album, soundtrack, today! Now onto final mastering as well as finishing up the remaining vocals and mixing on the other (non-instrumental) new album, heart paper scissors. It's looking like 17 tracks on each. The numbers EP (on Silber Records) should be out in the next few months, as well. So it looks like we'll be kicking 2013 off with the release of 40-ish fornever songs...

11/18/12: And the updated list of upcoming releases:
fornever - numbers ep - Silber Records, release date TBA (likely late 2012/early 2013)
fornever - heart paper scissors - Autumnal Release, late 2012/early 2013, date TBA
fornever - soundtrack - Autumnal Release, late 2012/early 2013, date TBA

The two full-length albums are still being finished up in the studio after a few delays. Still aiming to get them out by the end of the year but cutting it close and might be looking at early 2013. The EP for Silber (part of their 5 in 5 series) is finished, off to the label, and just awaiting a release date. So plenty of fornever material near completion and/or headed your way. It's just, for various reasons, taking a bit longer than anticipated to finish up and release.

Second new fornever CD announced! Soundtrack, an instrumental companion album to heart paper scissors, is due out later this year. Here's a preview:

The new fornever album's officially been pushed back a month or so to early fall. I had to take a temporary break from the studio due to a bit of an injury and healing time. Better now and back in the studio working on finishing the album up...along with another project (announcement on that one coming soon). Sorry for the wait...but lots of music coming your way in the next few months...

The full news recap:
Check out this Saturday's (July 28th) episode of Horror Addicts at for my double billing as featured author and featured band. The show includes the world premiere of the new fornever single, "eliza", as well as a recorded reading of my short story, "the basement", set to a new instrumental soundtrack.

Related text interviews (a new fornever interview and a new author interview) can be found here:

Enjoy the show! -Josh

New author interview up now for my appearance on Horror Addicts this weekend. Read it here:

New fornever article/interview up now to coincide with my double billing on Horror Addicts this coming Saturday as both featured author and featured band. Check it out here:

I also did an author interview that should be up later this week. The show, episode 78, premieres this Saturday, July 28th, and includes me reading one of my out-of-print short stories, "The Basement", with a new instrumental backing soundtrack along with the world premiere of the new fornever single, "eliza". Check out the Horror Addicts website at for more info. I'll try to keep you all posted as things are...err...posted... -Josh

I did an in-depth interview with QRD for issue 55 (special guitarist issue), out now. Check it out here:

Just an early heads up... The July 28th episode of Horror Addicts ( includes a double billing with Josh as the featured author and fornever as the musical guest. The author segment will be a newly recorded reading of the now-out-of-print short story "The Basement", read by Josh and backed by a brand new instrumental soundtrack. The musical spot should include something from the upcoming new album. Associated interviews and a few other magazine appearances coming up, as well. More info to come...



3/20/12: A new album is in the works. Much of the music is already recorded and mixed. Shooting for a summer release (if not late spring). Expect something quite different from the last handful of albums. More to come...

12/15/11: New free holiday single out today! Download and lyrics:

(right click button and "save as")

a million things

hypnotic blinking reflected in your eyes
shining color in a world bathed in white
payolas playing on the radio
there's a warmth beneath the blinding snow

and there's a hole
under the christmas tree
didn't get all I wanted
but I've got what I need

some people want, all that they see
that doesn't matter to me, to me
some people need, a million things
that doesn't matter to me, to me

and there's a hole
under the christmas tree
didn't get all I wanted
but I've got what I need

For anyone that wants a complete 10 song set of original fornever holiday songs from the last decade:
-You can find "estrellita" as a free download from Silber Records' White Silber compilation here:
-The 8-song EP ornaments, compiling fornever holiday singles from 2001-2008, is available in mp3 or on CD (check out the store page on this site).

Happy holidays and see you next year! -Josh

10/31/11: New remix of "don't expect you to understand" out today on Industrial Wasteland Volume 2! Download it for free here:
Happy Halloween!

10/13/11: All 3 premature burial reissues are now available. All three have been remastered from the original multitrack recordings, including a new 10th anniversary edition of ritual with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Get them on CD now for only $3 each at the Autumnal Release store on kunaki here:
Or buy them in mp3 from
Also, be sure to check out the new premature burial website at to hear tracks from the albums and get more info.

10/4/11: 10th anniversary edition of the second (and most popular) album by Josh's former solo side project, premature burial, out today! Ritual has been remastered and sourced from the original multitrack recordings with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks and is available on CD now at the budget price of $3! Amazon mp3 and clips coming soon. The other two premature burial albums have also been remastered (with the same tracklistings as the 2003 reissues) and are due out as budget reissues next week. Here are the details. Click the cover image or link to order!

1. invocation
2. ac
3. hymn of the damned
4. the witching hour
5. in the shadows
6. sacrifice
7. ceremony
8. rebirth
9. hell is coming
10. remnants
11. monolith

Track 9 is an unreleased track from 2002 originally intended for a compilation, and tracks 10 and 11 are 2003 recordings originally intended for premature burial's abandoned 4th album, nightfall.

9/26/11: Josh has a new short story, "The Dresser", in the newly released Big Book of New Short Horror from Pill Hill Press. Grab it in hardcover or paperback from Barnes and Noble or Amazon or get it digitally in Kindle or Nook format.

8/19/11: ((echo)) is now available from amazon mp3, too.

8/16/11: ((echo)) is out now! For a limited time, get the CD version for only $3.99! Links to buy are on the store page or here below the tracklisting.

1. undone
2. plastic is forever
3. stairs
4. hide and seek
5. illusions of grandeur
6. turn into arms
7. something new
8. winding road
9. stalker
10. don't expect you to understand
11. square is a rectangle
12. the point of being pointless

Buy ((echo)):
CD: (or for multiple CDs)
mp3: (amazon mp3 coming soon)

7/22/11: A few questions answered...

Q: What's the word on ((echo))?

A: Well, I finally broke down and got a playstation 3, and the album's suffered. Just kidding. It's still in progress. I was in the studio today and yesterday working on a new track and another that needed a chorus. The initial idea was to release it as 3 or 4 separate EPs over the course of the year (which was set back by a drumming wrist injury at the end of last year...and then all of the work finishing and releasing the Black Wedding album this spring), but then things started cohering, and now it's looking like ((echo)) is going to be released as a full-length album. Still shooting for late summer (September maybe?). Seven songs are finished and mixed, and probably the same amount are in-progress. Some didn't work quite as intended in the studio and are going through a bit of retooling/remixing as sometimes happens. A few others are still being written. Aiming for 10-12 songs for the album (befitting its post-punk vibe) with the "misfits" possibly being released elsewhere.

Q: What are you listening to right now?

A: Haha...I'm a bit of a music junkie. Currently listening to the new Handsome Furs album, the 15 song deluxe version of Zeitgeist by Smashing Pumpkins I picked up on clearance for 49 cents at Best Buy, the last 2 New Order albums, Austra, The Knife, The Sounds, Blood Pressure by The Kills, The Japanese Popstars, Holy Ghost, the newest albums by Glasvegas and Cut Copy, The Joy Formidable, Cold Cave, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the Editors b-sides/rarities collection that came out earlier this year... Recently dug out some favorites from last year, too, and have been listening to Wolf Parade and The National.

Q: How do you write songs?

A: It varies. Sometimes something will pop into my head while I'm in the shower or driving...a melody, a lyric, whatever...and I'll rush to get it down before it escapes. I often find myself walking around stores bobbing my head or tapping along to my own internal soundtrack. It's usually the translation from my head to the studio that takes all the time/effort...and sometimes botches things up. Other times, I'll sit around jamming on guitar. Sometimes, I write on this old $200 Casio keyboard I got back the 90s. Songs can start with anything from a bass riff to a drum part to a guitar melody to a keyboard melody to a vocal bit and usually sort of snowball from there, often turning into something entirely different by the end once other instruments come into play. Or stop dead if I come back to them and they don't really work or just don't go anywhere (as witnessed by the probably hundreds of little demos and riffs floating around my computer).

So there you have it... -Josh

6/25/11: A preview of the upcoming new CD, an instrumental track called "square is a rectangle", is on the main page of the site and floating around the official youtube channel. Have been in the studio mixing some of the finished tracks over the last week. More info to come... -Josh

5/12/11: Another Black Wedding release this week! "Control (stripped mix)" is featured on the Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1 compilation, out today as a free download. Check it out here:

And back on topic... Since the Black Wedding release, I've been back in the studio going over finished material, in-progress recordings, and demos for the upcoming fornever release(s). More info to come... -Josh

5/10/11: Black Wedding's debut album is out today on CD and in mp3! Black Wedding is a collaboration between fornever's Joshua Heinrich (all instruments and vocals) and music journalist/editor Julie Johnson (lyrics). Get the album here:

Buy multiple Black Wedding and fornever CDs here:

Amazon mp3 coming soon...

5/7/11: The debut full-length album from Josh's side project, Black Wedding, is out on CD May 10th, but you can get the mp3 version a few days early exclusively from nimbit:

For more information, check out the official Black Wedding site at

5/4/11: Look for the debut full-length album from Josh's side project, Black Wedding, later this month! Work is still underway on the upcoming fornever releases. More info to come... -Josh

3/15/11: The debut EP by Black Wedding, Josh's side project with music journalist/editor Julie Johnson, is out today on Autumnal Release Records! Pick up your copy here:

Visit Black Wedding's official site at and keep an eye out for their self-titled album later this spring!

2/20/11: Welcome to the new site! Things are still under construction, so look out for loose beams and broken glass.
On the horizon:
-new fornever EP, ((echo)) 1
-new EP and album by side-project Black Wedding

Also be sure to check out Josh's new short story, "The Basement", in the Winter 2011 print edition of Golden Visions magazine (out now).

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